How to Make the Best of Your Black and Yellow Pavement in GTA


Make the Best of Your Black and Yellow Pavement in GTA 

Managing a GTA-based property adds complexity to an already difficult business. There are the layers of regulation and by-laws to navigate, the extreme weather swings, tax considerations, and of course intense competition. To help you save time, we have researched regional asphalt repair contractors, and compiled this special report to help you find a trusted resource for pavement solutions. No matter what property surface you are looking to improve upon, it’s important to get the highest ROI out of your black and yellow pavement project in the GTA. After all, your pavement is probably one of your largest property investments.

The Most Important Evaluation Factors

1. How Long has the Company been in Business?

Like any industry, there are a few large, highly experienced players at the top, a host of medium-sized providers servicing the middle market, and many small enterprises – mostly local – who lead with price savings. We recommend going with a company at least 15 years old, but preferably 20 or more. 

Why? When you need to bring the company into account for a service guarantee, it's more likely that these older companies in business a few years later. New businesses may come and go, leaving your warranties invaluable. More established companies have a great deal to protect in terms of their reputation. They tend to stand by their commitments consistently, and pass on to customers their years of refined experience with the small details that aggregate into additional value for your dollar. You can be confident that their work will be of quality- how else would they be in business so long? Additionally, look for reviews and testimonials. If other clients spent the time to write a review, it's most likely because they were either very happy or dissatisfied with the service.


2. Machine or Manual Application Equipment?

It’s important that your asphalt pavement contractor have the right mix of machine driven solutions versus hand-held equipment – and know what mix to recommend for each unique job. For example, proper compaction equipment is necessary to maximize the life cycle of most asphalt repairs.

Why? There is always a trade-off between application methods – and it’s usually economical versus fine detail. Your contractor wants to provide you the best service they can, but at the highest profit level possible. A simple rule of thumb is common sense. To maintain a uniform appearance, larger surfaces will require equipment that can apply materials at scale – just think of painting your living room with a child’s paint by number brush!

If it feels like the vendor is selling you on an application method that doesn’t make sense, make note of it and move on to the next. Comparing vendors, you will quickly recognize patterns in the methods being proposed, and more importantly, the anomalies.

3. How Important are Testimonials?

They are critical. We suggest you require all of the pavement vendors in consideration to provide you no less than 10, and some should be recent. When you have culled down the list to the final candidates – ask those vendors if you can speak to one of their prior clients. There is no better way of vetting a service than in the personal words and responses of a past or current customer. That way, you know they really are as good as they claim to be. 


4. Should I go with the Lowest Bidder?

That depends on whether your priority is the lowest cash flow alternatives or the highest ROI? You get what you pay for after all. If you have found equally qualified asphalt vendors, their price levels should be fairly consistent. If there is a super-low bid in the mix, ask questions to determine where the discrepancy is.


Here at Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance, we have 25 years of experience and use only the best quality products and the right equipment to suit your property's needs. From crack filling and sealing to sealcoating and line painting, we’ve done it all and provided top notch service with a smile for our clients. To schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help keep your pavement in good repair, please contact us!

Use your instincts and put a value on intangibles! You get what you pay for.

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